A view of Table Mountain from the deck of the MSC Opera

Diaz beach, Cape Point

Diaz beach is situated in the Table Mountain National Park, adjacent to Cape Point (to its north-west).  The beach is not accessible by road, and to get to it you've got to be fit enough to hike down lots of steps to get to the beach (& back up again!).  The walk is well worth the reward of time spent basking on the snow-white sand surrounded by towering 200m wave-battered cliffs and ocean; the only sounds being the waves, birds & wind.  You may very well have the whole beach to yourself (except perhaps for the baboons which wander along the beach occasionally).

view of Diaz Beach from the historic Cape Point lighthouse


Park your car at the Cape Point parking lot.  From the parking lot take the path (and steps) down to the right hand side all the way down to the beach.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk down and about 40 minutes to walk up.

Diaz Beach


The beach is sheltered from winds blowing from the north.  However, it is exposed to the southerly winds (which are the prevailing winds in the summer).


Heavy shore-break.  Body boarders occasionally come here to enjoy the barrels.  Bathing can be dangerous.  It is possible to get trapped by the tide if you stray across to the bottom of the cliffs on the Cape Point side.

Diaz beach looking towards Cape Point 

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