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Getting around in Cape Town, South Africa


Golden Arrow Bus Services provides a network of bus routes through Cape Town. Click on the link to see their timetables and routes.

Minibus "taxis" are generally cheap, over-crowded and unsafe (I've listed them here since they operate routes like a bus service). The drivers of Minibus "taxis" often have little regard for the law.

Baz Bus

A hop-on hop-off service across South Africa.


Services the major South African cities


Services the major South African cities


Services the major South African cities

Car rental

Car rental is by far the easiest way to get around. Parking is available in most places (but it is difficult to get parking in the city centre during weekdays), although it is sometimes metered.

Note that there is a high level of road deaths in Cape Town.

Click here for a road map of Cape Town.

Click here to view the various car rental agencies.


Cycling is not allowed on the national roads.


Metered taxi are generally safe and reliable. Note that metered taxis must be called and ordered to a destination, they are not allowed to drive around Cape Town and look for passengers.


Trains are run by Metrorail but do not cover all areas. Click on this link to see their timetables, fares and route. Safety and comfort is not up to European standards. First Class tickets provide safer travel. Cape Town station is situated on the corner of Adderley and Strand streets. With common sense trains can be used around Cape Town to reach Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Simonstown.

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