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1time Airlines Cape Town

Kaput...finished....klaar! There is no more 1time...only a shell of a Holding company still listed on the JSE. This page is retained for those interested in a history lesson.


1time, named after the South African expression meaning “for real”, is one of three low-cost domestic airlines in South Africa. 1Time planes took to our skies in February 2004, with three flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg. It now has nine destinations (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George, Zanzibar, Livingston and Maputo) served by a fleet of 15 airplanes.

Keeping it real

Like all low-fare airlines, 1Time is no-frills to ensure passengers get the lowest prices for their flights. There is no included meal during the flight, however snacks and light meals are on sale. The menu includes reasonably priced sandwiches, muffins, cheese platter, a hot breakfast, biltong, crisps and other various snacks (their menu is downloadable from their website); there is also a variety of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on offer. 1Time does not issue tickets, to further cut costs, and the airline does not offer loyalty programmes.

Special deals

Besides internet bookings, 1Time has a call centre (0861 345 345) open seven days a week, from 7am to 9pm. Along with your bookings, you can book a rental car, 1Time has partnered up with Avis to offer their passengers a reduced rate on their car rental within South Africa. Even if you have already booked and paid for your flight, you can still access the special rates by entering your Booking Confirmation Code.1Time has also partnered up with Southern Sun, and all passengers will receive a further 5% off Southern Sun’s SunBreaks rates.

Booking online

The 1Time website works like most airline websites. You specify your travel requirements, choose your flights, pay and presto! It’s quick and easy. An added feature of the 1Time website is the Best Fare Search, which will show you the cheapest tickets for each day in the month you want to travel – this is great for budget travellers who have flexible travel dates. 1Time has an eCheck-in on their website, for passengers who only have hand luggage. This will save you the time and hassle of queuing to check-in at the airport, a great feature for business travellers. eCheck-in opens 24 hours before your flight, and closes three hours before the flight.

Leaving from Cape Town

If you’re flying from Cape Town, you can find 1Time flights to four domestic destinations:

1time history

The "A-Team" for 1Time consisted of four entrepeneurs with a solid depth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry who successfully read the "signs of the times" in the post 9/11 economy (i.e.) 1) the deflated value of aircraft should combine with the strength of the Rand to allow for lower cost of purchase and lease of airplanes and 2) the inflated airfares in the South African over-traded domestic market that in 2003 was flying 7.5 million domestic passengers needed correcting. The fact that these "Fantastic Four" of the airline industry already owned (the name of Afrisource Holdings) Aeronexus, an aviation company that offered aircraft management, maintenance and the deployment of crews, provided a solid foundation from which to launch 1Time Airlines. Glenn Orsmond,current Group CEO of 1Time Holdings, Sven Petersen, head of Aeronexus, Gavin Harrison, CEO of 1Time Charters and Rodney James, CEO of 1Time Airlines put their heads, hearts and wallets together with Michael Kaminski,Group Director of I.T., to pioneer South Africa's first real domestic low fare airline. Their business plan attracted a 20% investment by a black empowerment partner, Mogwele Investments, 30% was covered by an I.T. Group and Afrisource Holdings retained 50% ownership. The operations of the Airline reflect the founders' desire to run 1Time with integrity and excellence. Owning their own aircraft maintenance company, standardising their fleet of aircraft and offering "ticket-less air travel became major ingredients for 1Time's recipe for success. On the 22nd of January, 2004, 1Time initiated its internet ticket sales ( and opened its ticket counters at the International airports in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Three return flights from Johannesburg's O.R. Thambo to Cape Town International were inaugurated on 25th of February, 2004. 1Time carried its 100,000th passenger just four months later and flew its 1,000,000th on 19th of October, 2005. As confirmation that 1Time has been "for real" in its pursuit of excellence service, 1Time was the first airline in the country to win five ACSA Feather Awards in one year (2007). These awards are based on independent passenger surveys regarding all aspects of customer service. (from an interview with 1Time Holdings CEO Glenn Orsmond- published 06/06/2008 in the Financial Mail).

Millions of more satisfied customers continue to be served; the Airline today averages 100,000 passengers each month. 1Time flies daily out of Cape Town to Johannesburg and Durban, every day except Saturdays to Port Elizabeth and on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays and Mondays to East London. Fancy a romantic interlude in Zanzibar, Maputo or Victoria Falls ? Connecting flights out of Johannesburg are now available for Capetonians. 1Time is the second largest low-fare private airline in South Africa based on its domestic market share. Their marketing slogans, "Azikho lo nonsense" (which means,"no nonsense-no bull" and "more nice, less price" reflect the goal of their business philosophy - to provide the customer with a no-nonsense, no frills yet enjoyable flying experience at as low a price as possible. 1Time's fleet of aircraft are all DC-9s/MD80's which are engineered specifically to operate from short runways and on short to medium-range routes. The passenger cabins were designed with your comfort in mind - seating is 5 across ( rather than the standard 6),and the seats are upholstered in leather. Even more leg room has been made available; snacks, meals and drinks are for sale for the customer's convenience.

No wonder that 1Time Airlines was voted "Africa's leading low cost airline" for the second year in a row during this year's World Travel Awards. (from a Business Day transcript of a Summit TV interview with Rodney James,CEO of 1Time Airlines-posted 15/07/2010) A word to the wise: If you are flying in November for business or pleasure, either go on-line ( or contact 1Time's call centre on: 0861-345-345 to see if there are any seats still available for November's flights to any of the Airline's 4 ex-Cape Town routes (least expensive is to fly any day Mondays thru Thursdays for the entire month of November).


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