The Gugulethu Seven

Mandla Simon Mxinwa

Zandisile Zenith Mjobo

Zola Alfred Swelani

Zabonke John Konile

Christopher Piet

Themba Mlifi

Jabulani 'Jabu' Godfrey Miya

At about 0730 in the morning of the 3rd March 1986, South Africa's Apartheid security forces led by a Vlakplaas-based unit killed seven young black men (later to be known as the Gugulethu Seven) from the African National Congress's armed wing (Umkonto we Sizwe - Spier of the Nation) at the corner of NY1 and NY111 (Native Yard 1 and Native Yard 111) and in a field nearby. All seven were shot in the head and suffered numerous other gunshot wounds.

The Gugulethu Seven, turned up on television that night dead. The news labelled them terrorists that had engaged in a gun battle with the South African Police and their mothers had to watch their dead children being dragged on the ground in front of the world to see.

Memorial of the Gugulethu Seven : Jabulani 'Jabu' Godfrey Miya
Gugulethu Seven Memorial
Memorial of the Gugulethu Seven : Zandisile 'Semi' Zenith MjoboThe Gugulethu Seven

Truth and reconciliation commission

When South Africa was liberated, the police officers involved got amnesty from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission - many residents of Gugulethu were not pleased with this decision. The officers said that they had killed the men as they believed that they were planning to mount an attack on a police vehicle.

Where can you find the Gugulethu Seven memorial?

The Gugulethu Seven memorial can be found outside the Outside the Gugulethu police station on the corner of NY1 and NY111.


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