Durbanville is situated about 30km to the north-east of Cape Town, nestled between the N1 and N7 national roads. It has come a long way since the days 19th century when Bishop Grey described it as "a small place with sandy soil , without trees. It has nothing attractive about it." Originally known as Pampoenkraal, the town was founded in 1806 around a fountain and was primarily a watering station for travellers between Cape Town and the interior. In 1834 its name was later changed to D'Urban in honour of the governer of the Cape Colony, Benjamin D'Urban. The town's name was again changed to Durbanville in order to avoid confusion with Durban.


Durbanville Craft Market

Durbanville/Bellville Rugby Club

Durbanville Hockey Club

Durbanville Hills

Durbanville Wine Valley Association

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