Muizenberg beach

Muizenberg beach is situated about 25km south of Cape Town city, on False Bay in the Western Cape.  It has a wide white beach, turqoise-blue water with mountains in the backgrounds.  The beach is gently sloping, with flat, hard sand and moderate waves.

Shark attacks

13 August 2006

Achmat Hassiem, a 24 year-old lifeguard of Strandfontein, had his foot bitten off by a shark during a lifesaving training exercise at Sunrise Beach (Muizenberg) by a Great White shark. Achmat was 200m offshore in clear waters about 2.5m deep, when the shark-attack occurred at about to read more

5 April 2004

A 16-year-old surfer John Paul "JP" Andrew (from Lakeside) lost most of his right leg when he was bitten by a shark at Surfer's Corner, Muizenberg. Andrew one of more than 100 surfers in the water at the time, and was busy paddling back to shore when the attack occurred.

Muizenberg's waves behind the railway station sign
Muizenberg waves from the railway station

The beach stretches to Sunrise Circle and just beyond to Sonwabe (where one can hire jetski's).  At the Muizenberg station end of the beach is Surfer's Corner, its moderate waves are popular amongst body boarders & novice surfers (a number of local surf shops hire out boards and offer lessons).  The beach is perfect for bathing.

The Muizenberg Beach front Pavilion has:

Muizenberg beach, with the pavilion on the left
Muizenberg beach from the railway station
Muizenberg's historic beach houses (by Kevin Johnson)



15 August 2006

'I lured shark towards me to save my brother'

14 August 2006

Shark 'rammed boat after attacking lifeguard'

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